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The 22nd Valedictory Ceremony of the 2018 Set of Dansol High School was celebrated on Saturday, 7th of July, 2018.

The event started with the thanksgiving service with an opening prayer done by Mrs. Titilayo Fasuyi. The 1st and 2nd Bible Reading was done by the outgoing Head boy and Head Girl. Later on, the dansol school choir graced us with a wonderful ministration which was followed by a powerful ministration from Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Hinmikaiye.

The Bible Presentation to the SS3 students was much later done by The President, DCM, Mrs. Adun Akinyemiju and prayers were being released on the students by their parents.

The reception of the event kicked off immediately with an invitation to the High Table by Mr. Atobalo.

Mrs. Adun Akinyemiju, President of Dansol Christian Mission gave a welcome address to the graduating set of 2017/2018. She told the graduating students that “every step you take in life must be in line with the word of God, and anything contrary to that would be bad success”. Also, she urged the students to trust only in God in everything they do. A farewell song was later presented by the School Choir.

The Chairman of the Occasion, Alhaji Isiaka Bello gave an Opening Address; he started with a brief story of his first experience in Dansol. He congratulated parents and teachers who have expended financial, physical and mental energies in this journey. Then he gave some words of advice to the graduating students saying ‘Dear Graduates, this is another milestone in your life. You are leaving a ‘loved, closed, and controlled environment’ to a world ‘bitter, big, and free’. You are gaining more freedom today but remember that freedom comes with responsibility for your actions and inactions. I pray that it shall be well with you. Amen’.

He also gave the students some guiding principles which says, the world is a complex place and it is difficult to live by the rules. Just like in accounting world, we are moving from rules-based to principles-based. I will share some tested principles with you.

1. It is important to set goals.

2. Set high expectations. [Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal].

He posited that, graduation is a celebration, a farewell and a new beginning. He also shared some biblical teachings and words from philosophers. “The world is a complex place and it is difficult to live by the rules, it is important to set goals for yourself, set high expectations, focus, never give up, use your mistakes to build a future, find inspiration and most importantly believe in God who created all things” he said.

He concluded by saying a word of prayer to the students.

The event became more blissful as other activities were presented like the Alumni presentation/induction, toast of Outgoing students which was done by the current Head Boy of Dansol High School, presentation/ launching of Dansol Students’ Trust fund, the book launch, a documentary of the 2017/2018 set was projected and an out -standing performance from the cultural dancers of DHS.

Awards and Prizes were given to all deserving students in different subjects. Also, a special PTA Award was presented. Meanwhile, Bello Olabisi Aishat was awarded as the Overall Best Student and the Valedictorian of the 2018 Set and everyone gave her a standing ovation as she was crowned “Miss Excellence”.

Olabisi Bello came up to give her Valedictorian speech as the event came to an end. She thanked her Parents, teachers, friends and everyone else that has impacted greatly in her life. She urged students to be closer to God in everything they do and they will be successful.

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