We have small classes which enable teachers to offer personal attention to the needs of students. It is easier to grade students work, and the virtues of trust and mutual understanding are built between teachers and students.


Intensive tuition ensures that students become thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the various syllabi. At Dansol High School, students receive six hours of tuition per day. In addition, students are expected to follow up on their work by completing assignments and studying, using textbooks and notebooks.

Students receive course outlines at the beginning of the term and great care is taken to ensure that the various schemes of work are thoroughly covered.

Our teachers help students develop examination techniques and strategies so that by the end of their study they are able to apply the knowledge they have gained to achieve good grades.

Our teachers ensure that learning is stimulating and enjoyable by encouraging direct discussions which go on well after lessons. Adequate time is allocated for general interaction in class every week. Because of this stimulating style, students leave Dansol High School bold, mature and ready to face the future with confidence.


With frequents tests, we monitor the progress ofourstudents. There are impromptu tests as well as organized tests twice every term. Students are examined at the end of each term and are encouraged to revise during the holidays in order to consolidate their knowledge and prepare for the following term. All students are expected to demonstrate a satisfactory level of achievement in internal examinations before being presented for external examinations.

For our final year students, three Pre-SSC Examinations are taken to adequately prepare them for WASSCE, SSCE, UTME and other external examinations.


The school monitors students closely while parents and guardians are kept fully informed each term. Regular time is allocated to parents to visit and check on the progress of their children. Students’ performances are recorded in continuous assessment report booklet, and soft copies sent to parents through e-mail.


Dansol education features active hands-on-learning. With well equipped Science Laboratories, Introductory Technology Workshop, Computer Laboratories, Internet Room and other utilities, students develop skills Of critical analysis, reasoning and deduction, verbal and written communication, decision making and persuasion. These skills provide opportunities for careers in Education, Engineering. Technology, Law, Medicine, Financial Education, Information Communication Technology, Business, Music and other fields.


Dansol takes time to select the best hands to nurture the lives of her students. Our teachers are professional education graduates with many of them having over ten years teaching experience. They are tested, certified and confident. For them, Dansol High School is a continuous learning environment as management ensures their exposure to modern trends in their various fields and Information Communication Technology. They are led by an experienced Director of Schools, Mr. E. Oladapo, a model for teachers and students.