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ACTIVITY EIGHT (2023/2024)


Activity eight, tagged “Clean Environment, Healthy Living” aims at helping the community to adopt sustainable lifestyle choices that can contribute to a cleaner planet and in turn promote healthy living by:

  1. enlightening the school wide community on the latest causes of some common communicable diseases.
  2. learning to develop a workable machinery that will help in keeping a healthy environment.
  3. reducing the possibility of getting exposed to these communicable diseases.


This activity aligns with goals 3, 6 and 9 of the Sustainable Development Goals, which aims to:

  • ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
  • ensure available and sustainable management of water and sanitation to all.
  • build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

In achieving the objectives of this activity, students researched online to discover facts that aided in expanding their understanding of communicable diseases. They also conducted research on some new technological approaches required to develop a workable machinery to help achieve cleanliness.

At a general assembly of students and staff of the school, students embarked on creative awareness campaign targeted at educating all on importance of keeping a clean environment. Courtesy of activity 8, posters carrying captions “DO NOT WALK PAST ANY LITTER” and “DO NOT LITTER” are pasted at strategic areas in the school premises as a reminder to the students not to litter so as to ensure they study in a healthy environment.

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Video: Campaign and discussion by students on how to keep a clean environment for healthy living.

Video: Campaign and discussion by students on how to keep a clean environment for healthy living.

Campaign and discussion by students on how to keep a clean environment for healthy living.

To maintain a clean environment as well as reduce exposure to germs, infections, contamination and diseases, a prototype cleaning machinery (vacuum cleaner and robot sweeper) was developed by students who tirelessly worked night and day, programming the machines to ensure that they work perfectly.

In addition to the machines, a smart bin was also programmed to help reduce physical contact with bins when disposing litter. Pedal trash bins were also purchased and placed at strategic locations within the school premises. The smart bins and pedal trash bins will help reduce or eliminate the physical exercise of trashing waste/dirt in the classrooms and school community.

Dansol students carrying out research, building smart-bins, and building prototype machinery to keep the environment clean.

A presentation of the progress made and objectives achieved was made at a general school assembly, where the entire school community was encouraged to keep the environment clean for a healthy lifestyle to be enjoyed by all.

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Sensitisation carried out by students of Dansol High School on the need to keep the environment clean.


Slides: prepared by the students used for campaigning on to keep a clean Environment.

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