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ACTIVITY SIX (2023/2024)



Activity 6 is titled “Unifying Dreams: Path to Success.” This activity not only made the students aware of their hidden potentials and creative prowess but also helped them familiarize themselves with different media through project works and visits to a gallery and art studio. Additionally, the students explored mural painting for the first time. This mural aligns with Goal 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which focuses on quality education. Goal 4 aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education by promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all, particularly children and youths.

Aims of Activity 6: To

  • Promote self-expression among students.
  • Encourage the production of creative works that demonstrate expressive and innovative concepts.
  • Enable the selection of appropriate media for individual students’ mastery.
  • Foster entrepreneurial skills in students through their crafts while still in school.

The students visited a practicing artist’s studio known as The Play Spot Studio in Lagos, owned by Duke Asidere. At the studio, CEO Duke Asidere emphasized the importance of dreams in pursuing a professional art career. He discussed the inevitable challenges but highlighted how dreams keep one motivated. Duke shared his journey, including the challenges he faced from his teenage years to the present, and how he overcame discouragement. He also introduced the students to various marketing platforms such as galleries, art collectors, and social media.

Furthermore, the students visited Tim and Carol Art Gallery in Lagos. The gallery manager, Ms. Oshinowo, guided the students through the gallery, analyzing and explaining works that captured their attention. The students viewed pieces ranging from different themes and aspects of life, inspiring them to elevate their passion for art. These visits significantly motivated the students, changing their perspectives on art.

Dansol students visited the Play Spot Studio to learn more from professionals in art.

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Video: Dansol students visited the Play Spot Studio to learn more from professionals in art.

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Video: Dansol students visited Tim and Carol Art Gallery to see inspiring artworks and be motivated

Dansol students visited Tim and Carol Art Gallery to see inspiring artworks and be motivated

The students produced creative drawings, paintings, and crafts that demonstrate self-expression and innovative concepts inspired by their environment. Some of the drawings depict the culture and lifestyle in Nigeria.

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Video showing how Dansol students made  creative drawings and paintings

Pictures of creative drawings and paintings made by Dansol students

Video showing how Dansol students made beautiful artworks.

Pictures of craftworks made by Dansol students

Dansol High School students collaborated with students from Silas International School, a partner school in India, by comparing and contrasting their artworks. Through this process, they discovered that artworks are primarily influenced by the artist’s environment. Both schools chose themes from their respective cultures

Students of Dansol and Silas International School, India collaborating to compare and contrast arts in Nigeria and India

Mural paintings were done in two strategic locations within the school premises. These murals are accessible to students, parents, and visitors, spreading the message about QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL. One mural contains stenciled education words, highlighting the benefits of learning and being educated. The second mural addresses the issue of children being deprived of education, with a message at the base stating, “EDUCATION FOR ALL,” emphasizing that no child or youth should be deprived of education as it is their right.

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Pictures and video of Dansol students making mural painting which highlights benefits of learning and education.

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Video and pictures of Dansol students making mural painting which
portrays Education for All.

During a school assembly, the message behind the mural paintings was explained to the entire school, emphasizing the importance of education for all, regardless of their social status or background

Video of presentation of the message behind the mural paintings to the entire school at a general assembly.

Fortuitously, a team of representatives from Tim and Carol Gallery of Art, led by the manager, Mrs. Oshinowo, visited the school. The gallery made a generous donation to the art unit of the school’s library. The donation, which comprised a compendium of essays on artworks by accomplished and revered Nigerian artists, demonstrated their commitment to investing in the education of Nigerian children.

Mrs. Oshinowo praised the insightful nature of the mural painting, particularly the one with stenciled education words. She remarked that it accurately captured the idea that one must open a book to access the wealth of knowledge within and stated that the painting showed that children absorb far more information and ideas than adults often realize.

Visit by team of representatives from Tim and Carol Gallery of Art

Video: Manager of Tim and Carol Gallery of Art, Mrs Oshinowo, commenting on the mural painting made by the students for activity 6.


Activity 6 Evaluation Forms

Letter of visitations

Students’ report.

Appreciation letter to Silas International School

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