The child has one intuitive aim: self development


Children’s day this year at Dansol Nursery and Primary School, was tagged character day. The school celebrated famous Nigerians that have made the country proud.There were presentations from Nursery and Primary School; song renditions, drama presentations about biblical characters and Nigerian Icons that have made a positive mark in the nation.The President of Dansol Christian Mission, Mrs Adun Akiyemiju who graced the occasion also enjoyed an interview session with the learners.Prayer sessions which were led by a representative from each class.

Children’s day 2021 was a memorable experience for the students of Dansol High School. The learners came to school dressed in t-shirt and jeans. Junior students were hosted to a banquet style reception at the school hall while Senior students had a beautiful picnic on the field. The excited students had a fun time of games, comedy, dance and lots of yummy treats.



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