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Cultural Day

Wednesday, the 5th of June, was all shades of beautiful as we took time to celebrate the rich culture of the Igbo people of Nigeria.

Culture is the way of life of a people. According to Marcus Garvey, “A people without the knowledge of their past, history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
At DNPS, we value culture, and we take time to teach our learners the importance of cherishing our joint heritage. We believe that a deep knowledge of culture makes people understand each other better.

The day was a vibrant celebration with learners, parents, and staff adorned in traditional Igbo costumes, particularly the iconic Isi Agu. The event showcased various aspects of Igbo culture through presentations on history, greetings, occupations, music, dance, and marriage ceremonies. Everyone learnt valuable and lifelong lessons from various activities.

Highlights included diverse food displays and an energetic Atilogu dance by members of the Expressive Art Club. Our parents were not left out of the celebration. It was truly a beautiful and enriching experience for all.

Special thanks to our parents for the time and resources invested to make the day a reality. Kudos to all members of staff for training the pupils.

Igbo Kwenu!
DNPS Kwenu!


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