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We are a thriving educational community of learners who have made their decision to study for specific reasons: good teachers, affordable tuition, a stimulating environment, small class-sizes, and a good Christian foundation. We aspire for the students to know that they are distinct, and need to dedicate their lives to God who can give them wisdom, and make them excel. The Child’s individual latent talents and uniqueness are also nurtured. These and more are the pillars upon which the DHS success has been built. We are set to teach children to depend on the manifold wisdom of God in order to achieve excellence. We believe that the Word of God can and does affect and mold lives. The name DANSOL is coined from two words Daniel and Solomon symbolizing the wisdom of God manifesting in youths. Daniel separated himself from the World unto the living God and God gave him wisdom above his peers and gave him an excellent spirit.


Educating children to stand out and to make a Godly difference in every generation.


We are a Christian school dedicated to training learners who will excel through the wisdom of God (in partnership with parents) by blending biblical principles with modern scholarship.


Godliness | Integrity | Respect | Discipline Love | Excellence

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The holidays will soon be here. It is another opportunity to take advantage of our Vacation School Programme commencing on Monday, 29th July – Friday, 23rd August, 2024.

Time: 8:30AM – 1:00PM



For more information call:

08131972291 || 08160006165


We impact lives

Dansol imparts a life long education that sustains our products through university and work life.

We stand out

Private and government organizations have commended and rated us outstanding school based on our track record of achievements.


We bring God into everything we do. Parents and teachers meet once a month to pray for students.


Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) showcases a synergy between the home and the school. The general welfare of students is at the forefront.

21st century compliance

We have employed Information and Communication Technology in our academic and administrative activities.

Entrepreneurial integration

We equip students with a range of entrepreneurial skills to prepare them for real-world challenges and opportunities.

Confidential space for individuals

Our Counselling team gives attention to students' careers and vocational gifts through the use of proven and time tested scientific methods.

Exceptional laboratory facility

Our laboratories are constantly upgraded to teach students in Sciences, ICT, robotics, Visual Arts, Foods and Nutrition, etc.

Conducive classroom

Our classrooms are cozy, neat and the harsh environmental factor is brought under control through air conditioners.

Constant power supply

Epileptic electricity supply is non existent as our back up of 635 KVA generator provides consistent power supply.

Virtual learning

We provide a comprehensive virtual learning service that offers flexible and accessible education through online platforms.

Personalized Teaching

We offer personalized teaching to meet the unique needs of students, applying unique methods that bring the best out of each student.

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Dansol Parenting Institute

Dansol Parenting Institute is the place to learn how to raise children in line with the will of God in accordance with Psalm 78:6-8 and Deuteronomy 6:6-7. God is expecting us to raise Godly seeds (Malachi 2:15) and these seeds make up generations (Psalm 22:30).
We invite you to join the Dansol Parenting Institute and be trained to raise generations of righteousness unto our God.

Dansol Innovate Academy

Dansol Innovate Academy is established to equip and prepare learners for the 21st century by providing them with tech skills in Web Development, UI/UX Design, Software Engineering, and Data Analytics.

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Web Development: HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, DOM, jQuery, Django, React, Angular, SQLite, Python Programming and Websites Clones.

UI/UX Design: Foundations of Design, User Interface, User Experience, Wireframing, Prototyping, Sketching, and Responsive Web Design.

Data Analytics: Advanced Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Python Programming, R Programming, and Machine Learning.

Software Development: Python Programming, JAVA Web Application, Object-oriented Programming and Kotlin Language.

For enquiries, call 08081988438

Policy Statement

Dansol High School is dedicated to safeguarding all children from harm and providing them with a safe and nurturing environment. Our policy ensures that all children, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or disability, are protected from all forms of harm.

Our policy is in strict alignment with other core compliance documents and policies, including the Handbook for Learners, Anti-Bullying Policy, Health and Safety Policy, and Code of Good Conduct (Staff). These standards always prioritize the best interest of the child.

Take a look at our facility

Prospective Students and their parents have an opportunity to see what the school has to offer at our scheduled facility tours. We formally invite interested parents through social media and targeted emails and messages. Parents are guided through the classes, offices, laboratories and boarding house facility. During the tours, participants are routinely encouraged to ask questions about the school.