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Fun, excitement at Dansol High Schools’ inter-house sports

Our 13th Annual Inter-house sports at Dansol High School held at the Agege Stadium on the 18th ofJanuary was full of fun and excitement. The students and staff of the school, as well as their house masters, gathered at the stadium in different colours, each representing their house.

The event flagged off with a March Past presentation from all the houses. Palm house, Olive house, Cedar house and Vine house, all performed brilliantly with the House Queens displaying royalty at its finest. The event was well attended by Parents, Students and Members of Staff.

As the activities of the day progressed, staff, students and everyone present were entertained by the Nigerian Police Band and Dansol Cultural Group with their spectacular displays. The track and field relays generated lots of tension and anxiety among students and their parents, and other invited schools. The atmosphere later turned electric when the president of the school took to the track. Other activities includes staff race (both male and female staff), Alumni race, chubby race and loads more.

Dansol’s 13th Inter-house Sports came to a memorable end with Olive house taking first place, Palm house took 2nd place, Vine house, 3rd place and Cedar house took 4th place. Students of Olive house danced in jubilation around the stadium. Parents also joined the celebration..

Winners were given trophies, medals and other prizes; while representatives of invited schools were presented with certificates and prizes.

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