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Olabisi Bello Wins Spelling Bee competition

The Centre for Law and Business (CLB) Academy Spelling Bee competition 2017 was conducted from 25th November 2017 to 9th December, 2017. There were three categories: Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary. Dansol enlisted ten students for participation in the junior and senior categories.

Out of the ten, six qualified. Four of them were from the senior category and two from the junior category. The senior finalists were Bello Olabisi, Nwosu Ifeatu, Agbana Enoch and Oladipo Fiyinfoluwa. The junior finalists were Nwokoro Kamsiyiochukwu and Ayodeji Oluwatomi.

In the finals, Dansol had three winners. Ayodeji Oluwatomi came third in the junior category, Nwosu Ifeatu came third in the senior category; and Bello Olabisi emerged the overall winner of the senior category and the competition. She was awarded a scholarship of 500,000 naira to attend their school or any of their university affiliates in London. She was also given a gift voucher worth 50,000 naira by Laternabooks and an additional 50,000 naira cash award for her and her family.

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