The child has one intuitive aim: self development


Teacher’s day at Dansol High School was a dual celebration as it was also our Speech and Prize-giving Day. Students who took first position in their subjects and overall best results were rewarded with gifts. Teachers were also given gifts based on the number of distinctions their students had in the previous session.
it was a very exciting event filled with good music, song and dance. One of the highlights was the presentation of the Teacher of the year award.
Mr Edet Samson emerged winner of the Teacher of the year award (2021/2022 session)
Mr Adeyemo David came 2nd place and
Mr Innocent Azamarogbe came 3rd.
The winners were handsomely rewarded with cash prizes.
The hearty jubilation of the winners and the emotion of the moment will forever remain etched in our memories.
A big thumbs up to our hardworking teachers at Dansol High School. You’re amazing!

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