“Dansol taught me so many things and one of the key lessons was putting God first in everything I do, standing out and daring to do what others couldn’t and wouldn’t.”

John Frederick
Class of 2017

“Dansol High School’s value taught me to stand for what the truth no matter what. The Christian environment was helpful to keep me Godly and in check. The teaching methods were very unique and enjoyable also.”

Essien Zion
Class of 2014

“I remembered a particular day, the teachers painted a picture of how to put negative thoughts to death. I have never said "I can't" or "looked down" on myself from that day on.”

Opeoluwa Dapo-Thomas
Class of 2012

“Dansol is a place I can call home. I learnt so much that has sustained me over the years, lessons and the value of education and much more. May you continue to bless and enlighten others that pass through you!”

Oluwanifemi Mautin
Class of 2015

"The experiences I had & the relationships I established in Dansol are part of what formed me into who I am today. I believe God was intentional in placing me there and I'm forever grateful to Him for that.”

Seyi Oluboba
Class of 2014

“I was in Dansol at a time when things were really bad at home. Dansol was a home away from home for me at the time; my family! I met amazing teachers who truly cared about my well-being and not just my academics.”

Mbuotidem Johnson
Class of 2001

“I am grateful to God that my parents saw ahead of my life as a young girl and that of my brothers, to make the necessary sacrifices to pass us through the great DANSOL.Dansol laid the right foundation for me and trained my mind aright.”

Sharon Paulina Boye
Class of 2015

“Dansol impacted my life in so many ways, from spiritual growth to significant academic growth. The experience was such a wholesome part of my life. 6 years of learning, grooming and finally being released into the real world.”

Tinuola Opayemi
Class of 2011

“Dansol made me an all-round bright young lady to be; academically, spiritually and mentally sound. Dansol impacted my life! I Stand Out, I’m a bold and I’m a Daniel, I’m different. I hope to come back to share my story to motivate one or two persons. ”

Fasuyi Victoria E.

“At first the whole Christian living just seemed forced, but after a couple of months at Dansol, I started to enjoy it. Through the ups and downs, I have always believed in myself, followed my convictions, and stood out of the crowd irrespective of what the world thought.”

Dr. Kemi Dampson
Class of 2000

“I was mostly blessed by the co-curricular activities ranging from Daniel’s club to the Jets Club but mostly basketball. Dansol helped shape the leader in me and helped me understand people’s point of view and understand that people are different. ”

Yinka Akinlemibola
Class of 2002

“Dansol was a great inspiration to me and I am so glad to be a Dansol Alumnus. The teachers and staff taught me the word of God and to be confident in myself. I built my strength and self-confidence over the years I spent in this amazing school.”

Praise John Okwok
Class of 2012

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