The child has one intuitive aim: self development


The Dansol High school 2017/2018 Career Week was declared open on Monday 5th to Thursday, 8th March, 2018 with the theme “The 21st century Job Market Challenges and the Way Forward”. The grand finale of the event witnessed the display of talents by students on Friday, 9th March, 2018.

Mr. Wale Akinyanmi, the CEO of Accent Kids Entrepreneurs was the Guest Speaker for the occasion; and he spoke extensively and comprehensively on the topic under discussion.

Mrs. F. T. Hinmikaiye gave an overview of the event, after which the itinerary for the smooth running of the occasion was appropriately outlined. Topics like Animation, Digital Art, Prymeria Education Solution, Wisdom in Choosing the Right Career, Computer Graphics, Mechatronic/Robotic Engineering were clarified by different facilitators.

Also, a debate was anchored by Mr. Isiolaotan. The students actively participated in the debate that centered mainly on the topic, “White Collar Jobs Are Preferable to Building Your Own Private Business”.

Mr. Olusegun Imah, a representative of National Scouting Report, was also present at the occasion to create awareness about NSR. As the industry leader, he explained how student athletes could win sport scholarship for university education in America through Sport Scholarship Scouting Programme.

The Talent Hunt commenced with the introduction of the members of the High Table by the MC. Subsequently, the President, Mrs. Adunola Akinyemiju, gave a welcome address, Mrs. Bukola Ajoku, the chairman, Talent Development Trust Fund, also gave her address. Correspondingly, The RM crew, a dance group in the school, entertained the audience with enthralling dance steps.

Tamara Ghariokwu Ajasa, an ex-student of Dansol High school, prepared the students for both junior and senior choreography. She spoke briefly on the focus for the year which was ‘Celebrating Dancers’. After her short speech, there was choreography presentation.

Students displayed their talents in different areas: singing, instrumentation, dance, fashion, Gele tying, and so on.

At the end of the display of talents, winners in different categories were given awards and prizes.

Considering the caliber of people that were invited to grace the occasion, the aim of the event which was primarily to enlighten students in choosing a better career; and also help them recognize and discover their hidden potential was achieved.

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