The child has one intuitive aim: self development


French day was a social and educational event. Its aims were to; expose the pupils to French Language, Culture and Civilization, Spur their interest in the learning of French Language, hence, enhancing their core strengths like communication skills, understanding of diverse cultures and adaptability.

The French day which was held on the 19th June, 2018 at 12:00 noon, kick started with an opening prayer said in the French language and was anchored by Ihidero Inioluwa and Eleazer Ulifun. The music club under the supervision of the club’s coordinator, Mr. Lanre Oyeleye, sang African worship songs in the French language. They also taught the audience who sang joyfully with them. Also, the National Anthem was sung in French by primary six pupils. Udeme Akpan presented the French version of the song “Let It Go”.

Pearl Isika, Isabella Igo, MojolaOladipo, Esther Banjoko, AnakoChidubem and AkintomideAyomide enlightened the audience on the roles the French has played in science and technology by naming French scientists and their inventions. Also, MuhabatYakubu represented the Ballet Club. Prior to her presentation, she briefed the audience on how ballet was developed in France. Whereas, the French Club members presented the aerobic dance alongside few staff and guests. Furthermore, there was gift presentation to the winners of the French Day Essay Competition. The winners were DejiAdeyemi (1st position), Wonuola Olorunde (2nd position) and Patrick Iwu (3rd position). The special guests presented a ten minutes talk on French and My career. They were Mr. Belekwa (French Teacher, Dansol High School), Miss. Ndu-Okechukwu (Air Hostess, Arik Air), Mrs. Okeoma (Creative Designer, C&C Craft) and Miss. Nwafor (French Journalist/Reporter Laclic Services). Also, Foyin Oladipo, Ifunanya Kemakolam, Daniella Onimowo and Tunmise Ihidero presented bible quotes in French Language.

In order to aid the school community on the French Speaking Challenge, Mrs. Emaeba designed art works with French words and phrases written on them. Alongside, Miss Obi, Mr. Bamisaye and Miss Victoria, she pasted the art works at strategic places to help motivate the speaking of French language. The French speaking challenge was an awesome experience as parents were welcomed while staff and pupils exchanged pleasantries in French language. Also, at the reception, French News Station played throughout the day.

In conclusion, the Executive Director, Mrs. Olanitori and the Head of School, Mrs. Atisele gave their Welcome Address with a touch of French Language. The anchor, Mrs. Olugbami anchored in both languages. Vote of thanks was given by Miss Umahi in both languages. The event came with an end with a closing prayer in French, then, everyone danced to French music.

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