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On Sunday, November 12, 2023, our hostel students witnessed a spectacle of talent and joy during our much-celebrated Variety Sunday. 

  • Splendid Attire, Radiant Spirits: Imagine a scene where every participant donned themselves in the most splendid attire, a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors and creativity. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as our students showcased their God-given talents, turning our hostel into a stage of dreams.
  • Talent Unleashed: From soulful singing to breathtaking dance performances, the talent on display was nothing short of extraordinary. Each act was a testament to the unique God-given gifts that reside within our student community, and the applause echoed the appreciation for their dedication and hard work.
  • Divine Presence: Amidst the cheers and applause, the divine presence of God enveloped the event, adding an extra layer of joy and meaning to the celebration. It wasn’t just a showcase of talent; it was a heartfelt expression of gratitude and celebration in the presence of something greater than ourselves. Our God.
  • Our President: The cherry on top of this remarkable day was the esteemed presence of our beloved president, Mrs. Adun Akinyemiju. Her attendance not only added a touch of elegance but also elevated the event, making it truly special for everyone involved. Her encouragement and support meant the world to our talented students.
  • Capturing Moments: The memories created on this unforgettable day were immortalized through photographs and laughter. As we reflect on Variety Sunday, we carry with us the joy, talent, and camaraderie that made this day stand out in the pages of our school’s history. Indeed “In the Presence of God, there is fullness of joy.”

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