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Primary Six Valedictory Breakfast

Oh, such a wonderful time we had feasting with and sending forth our Primary Six pupils!
The Primary Six Valedictory Breakfast is an event of great significance, honouring the accomplishments of our graduating pupils and bidding them farewell as they embark on new adventures.
By embracing memories and looking forward to the future, this celebration serves as a meaningful bridge between the past and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. The event also provided an opportunity for the pupils and parents to share their reflections and experiences during their time in Dansol Nursery and Primary School. They had the chance to express their gratitude to their teachers, friends, and parents who have played a significant role in their primary school journey. This segment evoked a sense of nostalgia and emotional bonding among all attendees.
The day was filled with joy, laughter, gratitude, and the anticipation of what lies beyond, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.
Go, Daniels of 2023! Shine forth your light for the world to see Jesus.

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