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Spotlight Wednesday (Mrs. Olayinka Famokunwa)

Today, we take a moment to honor and celebrate the remarkable journey of our dedicated Vice Principal, Mrs. Olayinka Famokunwa, who has been an integral part of Dansol since 1998. Her story is one of growth, relentless dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the Dansol vision

Mrs. Famokunwa epitomizes the spirit of growth, always seeking room for improvement in every aspect of her professional journey. As Vice Principal, her dedication to the school’s mission and values shines brightly, inspiring both students and colleagues alike.

Reflecting on her impactful tenure, Mrs. Famokunwa cherishes the fond memories of witnessing past students she has taught excelling in various aspects of life. This echoes Dansol’s commitment to nurturing individuals who go on to make a positive impact in society.

A particularly heartwarming moment in Mrs. Famokunwa’s Dansol journey was the celebration of the President’s 70th birthday. On this special occasion, former students gathered for a joyous reunion to express their gratitude and celebrate the remarkable influence she had on their lives. It was a testament to the enduring bonds forged within the Dansol community

Mrs. Olayinka Famokunwa’s positive spirit truly makes Dansol School shine brighter. Her dedication, passion, and commitment to the school’s values continue to leave a lasting impact on the educational journey of our students.

As we shine a spotlight on Mrs. Olayinka Famokunwa, we invite the Dansol community, parents, students, and alumni to join us in celebrating her exemplary journey at Dansol School. Let us acknowledge and appreciate the positive influence she has had on countless lives throughout her years of dedicated service.

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